Electric vehicles

Yarra City Council is committed to reaching its target of zero-net emissions across Yarra by 2030.

To achieve this, we need to reduce our level of transport emissions within the community and increase our use of active and public transport and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Electric Vehicles

EVs have the potential to significantly reduce emissions in the transport sector, which is responsible for approximately 12% of all emissions in Yarra. Replacement of cars powered by internal combustion engines with electric and other propulsion sources with zero tailpipe emissions would bring significant benefits, mainly by reducing local air and noise pollution.

In 2020, we developed new guidelines to help ensure multi-residential and commercial developments are “EV-ready.” The guidelines included provisions that ensure the necessary electrical infrastructure required for tenants to be able to easily install an EV charger at their parking space is incorporated into the design.

The guidelines have been shared with the Council Alliance for Sustainable Built Environment to help support its work in developing a Zero Carbon Emissions Planning Scheme Amendment as well as with the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia.

We’re continuing to explore opportunities to encourage greater EV take-up in the local community and are working with local government and industry partners to undertake joint advocacy to State and Federal government on this matter.

Find out more

Read the Yarra City Council Submission to the Development of a Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap in Victoria (PDF 217kB).

Read Yarra City Council's Electric Vehicle Factsheet (PDF 119kB).

Electric vehicle charging

We’ve also made electric vehicle charging easier and more convenient after 2 new fast-charging stations were installed in converted parking bays at the Collingwood Library in January.

These stations are publicly available for use by the whole community.

The stations are powered by 100% renewable energy and are expected to supply up to 50km of range after only 10 minutes of charging.

Yarra Council provided the sites for the EV charging stations, which were installed by Evie Networks with funding through the Federal Government’s Future Fuels Fund.

More than 330 drivers across Yarra have charged their electric cars 1500 times in five months thanks to the 2 new chargers.

Yarra City Council is committed to supporting a greater take-up of electric vehicles in the community, particularly through a greater investment in publicly accessible EV charging stations across the municipality and advocating for electrification of Melbourne’s bus fleet.

To find out more about Yarra’s roadmap to zero reports and the many ways we are responding to the climate emergency visit our Take Climate Action Page.