Our solar story

Richmond Town Hall rooftop solar 

Here at Yarra, we've gone solar in a big way. Across 38 Council buildings we've installed 2,920 solar panels (740kW generation capacity). Six Tesla 2 batteries (over 80kWh storage capacity) are in place at community facilities, including leisure centres, libraries and sports pavilions. Examples of major installations, include:

  • 99kW on Richmond Town Hall
  • 67 kW on Richmond Library
  • 67 kW on Collingwood Leisure Centre
  • 56 kW on Richmond Recreation Centre
  • 49 kW on the Council Depot in Clifton Hill
  • Over 87kW across several sporting facilities
  • Over 153 kW across a range of other community facilities, libraries and children's centres

Find out how you too can install solar at home, as part of our 100% Renewable Yarra initiative.