Install rooftop solar

Thousands of Yarra homes are already saving with rooftop solar.

Installing a solar PV system gives you access to affordable clean energy and is a practical way to act on the climate crisis.

A solar system will typically pay for itself through your energy bill savings in 3 to 5 years and you’ll continue to benefit over the next 25 years.

You may be eligible for a government rebate and no-interest loan (up to $1,400 each) for installing solar. Visit Solar Victoria to find out more about solar rebates.

  • Going solar: How it works

    Find out about solar, and if it’s right for you and your home.

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  • Choosing a solar system

    What to look for in a solar company and solar system, getting value for money, rebates and more. 

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  • Heritage overlays and solar panels

    You may need to submit a planning permit application if you live in a heritage overlay and want to install solar panels. 

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