100% Renewable Yarra

Mother with two kids sitting down with a solar panel  in the background

Join with others in the Yarra community to create a city powered by 100% renewables. Four ways to take action:

  1. Switch to 100% renewable electricity
  2. Install rooftop solar
  3. Create an all-electric home
  4. Use less energy
  • Switch to 100% renewable electricity

    Learn how to buy GreenPower and offset emissions from energy use. 

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  • Install rooftop solar

    Learn about choosing a system, rebates, batteries, solar for renters and apartments

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  • Create an all electric home

    Switch to a fossil-fuel free home with no use of gas for heating, cooking or hot water.

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  • Use less energy

    Change behaviours, upgrade insulation, draft proofing and lighting.

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