Create an all-electric home

Why get off gas?

More and more people are motivated to create a completely fossil-fuel free home — one that is entirely powered by renewables, with no use of gas for cooking, space or water heating.

Gas has traditionally been viewed as a cheap and efficient energy source for households. However, with decline in the cost of solar systems and the improved efficiency of electric appliances, it can be less expensive to run off gas and run an all-electric home. By disconnecting your home from mains supplied gas grid, could save you hundreds each year in gas connection and supply charges2018 Renew (Alternative Technology Association) report found that for any home with only one appliance still on gas, it makes financial sense to switch to all-electric. Many Victorian homes will be financially better off going all-electric even if they need to switch two appliances. 

Free personalised expert energy advice

For a limited time, Yarra residents can enjoy a free 30-minute phone consultation with the energy experts at Renew, brought to you by the Metro Community Power Hub. The one-on-one advice can answer your specific questions on topics including:

  • Creating an all-electric home
  • Solar and batteries
  • Choosing heating, cooling, hot water, and cooking appliances or systems
  • Rebates for solar, batteries and major appliances
  • Insulation and draughtproofing
  • Windows – glazing and shading
  • Lighting
  • Saving energy at home, including in a rental property
  • Understanding energy bill plans and how to choose an energy supplier

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  • Maximise rooftop solar and buy renewable electricity

    In an energy efficient home, a large rooftop solar array can meet a large portion of your home energy needs. For some households, it’s beginning to make financial sense to use batteries to store excess solar energy for later use. However, for many households, achieving an ‘all-electric home’ requires a combination of generating electricity on site and buying 100% GreenPower from an electricity retailer.

    Replacing old appliances

    It’s worth planning ahead for the time when you need to replace your gas appliances, including  heating, hot water systems, or cooking appliances. You don’t want to be caught making a snap decision and replacing like with like. 

    Hot water systems

    Read Renew’s useful guidance on choosing an efficient electric hot water system to meet your needs.

    If you haven’t already received another Solar Victoria rebate, you could be eligible for a rebate of up to $1000 to replace your old hot water heater with an approved type of electric or solar hot water systems. Visit Solar Victoria to find out more


    Renew’s useful guidance on choosing the right heating system.


    Read Renew’s useful guide to induction cook tops.

    Case study: All-electric, zero carbon townhouses

    Two new Clifton Hill townhouses achieved an exemplary sustainability standard through smart design and innovative construction practices. They are largely self-sufficient, with no gas connection or any use of fossil fuels. Find out more.

    Webinar: All electric homes

    View our webinar on the why, how and when to transition away from gas to an all electric home, powered by renewable energy.