Create an all-electric home

Let’s electrify everything

Be part of a clean energy future and start electrifying your home or business. 

Why switch to all-electric?

Every day more people are motivated to create a completely fossil-fuel free home, powered entirely by renewables. With electric heating, hot water, and cooking, renewable energy can power your whole home.

Now with affordable solar systems and the improved efficiency of electric appliances, an all-electric home can often have lower energy bills than homes using gas, along with increased comfort, safety, and health benefits. 

Research by the Climate Council shows that households in Melbourne can save up to $1200 a year on energy bills by going all-electric and disconnecting from gas. 

Estimate your bill savings and make a plan at

Download this factsheet to find out more. [PDF 158kb]

Plan ahead and replace three appliances

By replacing your gas heating, hot water, and cooking with a modern, efficient electric option, you can create an all-electric home that can be powered completely by renewable energy.  

Plan ahead for the time when you need to replace these three appliances. By doing your research before the appliance gives out, you’ll be ready to upgrade.

Hot water systems

You could be eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000 to replace your old hot water heater with an approved type of electric or solar hot water system. 

Visit Solar Victoria to find out about solar hot water rebates. Eligible households can now claim both the solar PV and hot water rebates. 

Read Renew’s useful guidance on choosing an efficient electric hot water system to meet your needs.


A split system, or reverse cycle air conditioner can both heat and cool your home. And it’s one of the most cost-effective and energy efficient heating or cooling systems.  

Read Renew’s useful guidance on choosing the right heating system


Read Renew’s useful guide to induction cooktops.

Use your solar and buy renewable electricity

In an energy efficient home, a large rooftop solar system can meet a large portion of your home energy needs. For some households, it’s beginning to make financial sense to use batteries to store excess solar energy for later use.

Learn more about solar batteries.

By choosing a 100% GreenPower plan from your electricity retailer, you can power your all-electric home with renewable energy with a smaller solar system, or even without solar.

Find out more about GreenPower.

Consider an electric vehicle

With an electric vehicle charged by solar, you can power your transport with renewable electricity, without using fossil fuels. Or get active with an electric bike or scooter. 

Take a video tour of an all-electric home in Clifton Hill

Two Clifton Hill townhouses achieved an exemplary sustainability standard through smart design and innovative construction practices. They are largely self-sufficient, and all-electric, powered completely by renewable energy. Read their story or watch the video tour.

Watch an induction cooktop in action

Learn to cook two zero-waste, plant-based recipes on an induction cooktop with Open Table. The video is available here.

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