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Where are the dog parks in Yarra? 

Use the online parks directory on this page to find dog friendly parks in Yarra. Make sure you check where the off-leash and on-leash areas are in each park.

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  • Picture of a grassy park area, a path leads into the horizon from the left; there are trams and cars on the horizon.

    Mayors Park

    Turnbull Street, Clifton Hill
    Home to the Collingwood Leisure Centre, Mayors Park in Clifton Hill is an ideal spot to get active or relax on the beautiful lawns.
  • McConchie 2020

    McConchie Reserve

    Mary Street, Richmond
    McConchie Reserve has a playground, seating, drinking fountain, on-street parking and a climbing wall.
  • McNamara 2020

    McNamara Reserve

    McNamara Reserve corner Gold and Keele Streets, Collingwood
    McNamara Reserve is a park in Collingwood that has a playground and seating.
  • O'Connell Reserve Rotundas 2020

    O'Connell Reserve

    Bridge Road, Richmond
    O'Connell Reserve is a picturesque green space adjoining the Yarra River. Located on Bridge Road Richmond, the park is easily accessible by public transport.
  • Oxford Street Park

    Oxford Street Park

    Langridge Street, Collingwood
    Oxford Street Park is a perfect place to sit, relax, eat lunch or just watch the world go by.
  • Park Street Reserve

    Park Street Reserve

    Park Street Reserve, Park Street (between Bennett Street and St Georges Road), Fitzroy North
    The Park Street Reserve has a playground, barbeque and shade making this park perfect for family picnics.
  • Peel Street Park

    Peel Street Park

    Peel Street, Collingwood
    Collingwood became a little greener with the opening of the Peel Street Park on a site formerly used as a carpark.
  • Peppercorn Park 2020

    Peppercorn Park

    Waltham Place, West Richmond
    Peppercorn Park has seating, shade, shelter and dogs must be on-leash at all times.
  • Quarries Park 2020

    Quarries Park

    Ramsden Street, Clifton Hill
    Quarries Park is a network of parks and sports grounds linked by shared paths across Clifton Hill.
  • Ramsden st Reserve 2020

    Ramsden Street Reserve

    Ramsden Street, Clifton Hill
    Ramsden Street Reserve features one of Yarra's best ovals, hosts AFL football and cricket and is also home to many species of native animals.
  • Richmond Terrace and Docker Street

    Richmond Terrace and Docker Street

    Corner Richmond Terrace and Docker Streets, Richmond
    A section of road at the intersection of Docker Street and Richmond Terrace was permanently closed to vehicle traffic to create the park.
  • Rushall Reserve

    Rushall Reserve

    Holden Street, North Fitzroy
    Rushall Reserve is situated down hill from Rushall train station and can be accessed from the east end of Holden Street.
  • Smith Reserve

    Smith Reserve

    Cecil Street, Fitzroy
    Smith Reserve adjacent to the Fitzroy Pool, has a playground, barbeque facilities and picnic area.
  • Thomas Kidney Reserve

    Thomas Kidney Reserve

    Thomas Kidney Reserve, Rushall Crescent North Fitzroy
    Thomas Kidney Reserve is one of the parks that makes up the Inner Circle Railway Linear Parklands.
  • Victoria Park

    Victoria Park

    Lulie Street, Abbotsford
    The former home of the Collingwood Football Club, Victoria Park has been transformed into a major community recreation space.
  • White st Reserve 2020

    White Street Reserve

    White Street, Richmond
    White Street Reserve has a new shaded playground, garden beds and trees, and a large open grassed area for ball playing activities.
  • A green park with a playground in the background and apartments in the distance

    Williams Reserve

    Victoria Street, Richmond
    Williams Reserve is a park on Victoria Street in Richmond, close to Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre.