Rainbow Advisory Committee

The Rainbow Advisory Committee provides information, support and advice, and a mechanism for communication and consultation between LGBTIQ+ communities and Council, on issues affecting the LGBTIQ+ community.

What does the committee do?

The Rainbow Advisory Committee:

  • advises on the implementation of the Yarra LGBTIQ+ Strategy 2021-2024 and subsequent strategies
  • provides feedback to Council on policies, plans and services that impact the LGBTIQ+ community
  • provides information and strategic advice to Council on matters affecting the needs, interests and well-being of the LGBTIQ+ community
  • advises Council on its communication, engagement and consultation with the LGBTIQ+ community, and facilitate communication and consultation processes with the LGBTIQ+ community
  • acts as a conduit for the exchange of information and views between community, Council and other representative bodies on issues affecting the LGBTIQ+ community

Who are the committee members?

The following Councillors were appointed to the Committee in May 2021 for an eight month term:

In addition to the appointed Councillors, the membership includes fourteen community members, including at least two representatives from community organisations that support Yarra’s LGBTIQ+ community and at least two representatives from Yarra’s LGBTIQ+ business community.

Terms of reference

You can download and read the Rainbow Advisory Committee Terms of Reference