Councillor Edward Crossland



Edward Crossland is a town planning, transport and urban design professional, with over a decade of experience in local and state government. 

Edward is the current Mayor of Yarra.

Edward has a strong sense of social justice, having driven the development of the first comprehensive LGBTIQA+ policy for a Victorian political party. Edward has a keen interest in the creative arts and is a proud troupe member of local dance phenomenon Body Electric. He has previously studied and worked in creative industries. 

Cr Crossland is passionate about:

  • creating better places for people
  • improving accessibility and universal design
  • addressing housing affordability
  • supporting a robust local economy.

In his role as Councillor, Edward is committed to supporting and celebrating our wonderfully diverse communities. He wants to keep Yarra cool, creative, weird and wonderful. Edward will work with all parties to meet our current needs and proactively plan for our future, as well as considering how we can do things differently.


Cr Crossland can be contacted on 9205 5055 or 0400 326 812 or email [email protected]  

All three Melba ward councillors can be emailed at [email protected]