Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres

The Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres in Yarra provide a variety of programs and activities specifically for their local communities and are predominantly run and staffed by volunteers.

Programs and activities

They offer services including children and youth programs, art, music, cooking and computer classes, English and other language lessons and community lunches, all at little or no cost.

The houses and centres are places you can go for support, education, social interaction, to learn new skills and to make new friends. 

You can also find all kinds of services to help you live more sustainably, from workshops to clothes swaps, to places to drop off your hard-to-recycle items such as phones and batteries.

Support for Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres

We support the Yarra Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres through an ongoing Neighbourhood House Funding Program, a Memorandum of Understanding and through our Partnership Strategy and Action Plan which outlines the shared values and commitment to supporting the community.

Hire Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres

If you want to hire any Neighbourhood House or Learning Centre facilities please contact them directly to discuss availability and fees.

See our guide to Yarra's Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres for more details. 

  • Alphington Community House

    This centre offers a great range of activities, support, events and services to support the local and surrounding community.

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  • Belgium Avenue Neighbourhood House

    The house nurtures and supports the neighbourhood by providing a friendly place to meet and offering programs that are responsive to the needs of the local community.

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  • Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre

    The centre is a place of harmony and diversity where individuals and groups can build knowledge, strength and resilience through learning and community participation.

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  • Collingwood Neighbourhood House

    The house offers a range of social, recreational and educational activities and programs that meet the needs of the diverse multicultural community.

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  • Finbar Neighbourhood House

    The house offers a wide range of activities to the residents of Richmond and surrounding suburbs.

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  • Fitzroy Learning Network

    The network provides a bridge between the Australian community and newcomers, gives people a voice, and provides a sense of belonging and meaning.

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  • Holden Street Neighbourhood House

    The house offers programs and activities for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

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  • North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House

    The house provides a wide range of activities, affordable educational classes, as well as social and recreational activities.

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  • Princes Hill Community Centre

    The centre provides a range of community programs, workshops and events with a focus on the arts.

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  • Richmond Community Learning Centres

    The centre provides spaces and opportunities for people to connect, contribute and communicate.

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