Say no to plastic

It is estimated that Australians ‘throw away’ over 2.7 million coffee cups every day. These end up in landfill and are costly and resources intensive to recycle, if at all.

Refusing single-use plastic packaging and switching to reusable alternatives is the best way to reduce your plastic waste footprint. 

This is a space for you to find out more about plastic waste and how to avoid it.

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Tips and tricks 

We’ve compiled the following list of tips and tricks to inspire and encourage you to eliminate single use plastic from your life.   

Doing your food shop 

  • Bring your own reusable shopping bags and help reduce plastic waste. Try storing them in your car or near the door so you don’t forget them.
  • Refuse pre-packed fruit and vegetables. Look for the non-wrapped alternative for carrots, tomatoes, avocados and lettuce.  
  • Ditch the plastic produce bag and switch to a reusable cloth alternative.
  • Take your reusable containers to the butcher, fish shop, deli or bakery.
  • Buy your grains, nuts and pantry staples in bulk.  

At the café 

  • Bring your own (BYO) reusable coffee cup or dine in at your local café.  
  • BYO takeaway container when getting food to go. 
  • Refuse plastic straws or bring a BYO reusable alternative like metal or bamboo straws.  
  • BYO reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones.  
  • Talk to your local café about their plastic packaging and encourage them to join Yarra’s Proudly Plastic Free campaign.

At home 

  • Buy your cleaning supplies in bulk or refill them with reusable containers. Wild Things Food, Piedimontes Supermarket and The Source Bulk Foods all have refill facilities. 
  • Store your leftovers and pantry food in reusable containers and ditch the cling wrap. Bees wax wraps are also an excellent option for keeping food fresh! 
  • Ditch the plastic bin liner. Wrap up ‘icky’ stuff in newspaper and then wash out your bin when needed.  

For more tips on reducing your plastic usage check out the Plastic Free July website.  

For businesses 

We are reducing plastic use in business through our Proudly Plastic Free program – a whole of community plan to reduce the use of single-use plastic packaging. 

If you are a food vendor and/or business in Yarra who is committed to being Proudly Plastic Free, make the pledge and we’ll help you switch your packaging away from single use to reusable products.

For more information about this program get in touch with the Waste Minimisation Team on 9205 5555 or [email protected]

Yarra’s Zero Waste Map 

We’ve developed an online tool that will help you reduce your waste in the City of Yarra. Check out the ‘plastic free’ category on Yarra’s Zero Waste Map and discover restaurants that accept BYO takeaway containers, bulk cleaning supply stores and many more.  

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