Bin collection day

Your rubbish and recycling bins are collected on the same day.

The day of your rubbish and recycling depends on your suburb.

Residential bins should be placed out the night before your your collection day.

Commercial bins must be out by 5am.

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What to do if your rubbish bin was not emptied

If your rubbish or recycling bin was not collected by 4pm, please let us know by completing an online request: waste missed bin or recycling missed bin.

Or you can call us on 9205 5555.

We will collect your rubbish within 24 business hours of being notified.

Where to place your bin

Placing your waste and recycling bins in the correct position on the street makes it easy for them to be emptied. If your bin is not placed correctly it may not be able to be emptied.

Correct placement

  • wheels are away from the kerb
  •  front of bin is 10cm to 100cm from the kerb
  •  lid is fully shut

 Incorrect placement

  • wheels are facing the kerb
  • lid is open and bin is overfull
  • rubbish bags are on the footpath
  • behind parked cars or other objects

Collecting rubbish on public holidays

For most public holidays we collect your waste and recycle bins on the scheduled day.

The only public holidays on which services are sometimes affected is Christmas Day and Good Friday. On those public holidays, collections will be the following day.

Items that must not be placed in your bin

Hot ashes 
Unwrapped vacuum dust
Syringes and needles
Timber or other building materials
Oil, paint and solvents