Planning compliance and enforcement

We investigate suspected breaches of the Yarra Planning Scheme. If we are alerted to a breach, we will seek compliance from the property owner in a conciliatory manner. However, if negotiations aren’t successful, we may use the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to take appropriate enforcement action.

What is a breach?

  • Building works conducted without a planning permit, such as house extensions or demolitions.
  • Building works that are inconsistent with the planning permit or endorsed plans.
  • Illegal use of a property or changing the way the land is used without planning approval (if approval is required).
  • Changing heritage overlay without approval.

Examples that are not breaches of the planning scheme:

  • Changes that do not require a planning permit
  • Noise coming from a public space
  • Public noise nuisance

Report a breach of planning regulations

My neighbour is building at their property. I don’t think that they are building in accordance with their planning permit. What do I do?

If construction is still underway at a property, or has been completed, and you believe that what has been constructed is different to what the planning permit approved, then you can lodge an investigation with Council’s enforcement team who will investigate this for you. 

Request an investigation