Pre-application meetings

Pre-application advice is planning advice given by a Council planning officer to an applicant before they lodge an application for planning permit.

It can help identify potential issues so that the design can be changed before an application is lodged.

Key benefits

  • A clear understanding of the planning controls that apply to the land and the relevant planning policy in the Yarra Planning Scheme
  • A clear understanding of our planning processes.
  • Early identification of issues and a clearer understanding of what the planning officer’s thoughts are on what the developer wants to do on the land.
  • A clear understanding on what information needs to be lodge with the application – and potentially reduce delays caused by requests for further information.
  • Ability for the applicant to follow Council’s advice and change their design before they lodge the application to Council – and potentially reduce delays in the application process.

What types of applications are suited to a pre-application meeting?

Advice for the following types of development and/or use are usually provided in a pre-application meeting:

  • An extension to a building / dwelling above ground level (for example a first floor extension)
  • New dwelling
  • Two or more dwellings
  • Mixed use and multi-level development
  • Change of Use
  • Liquor Licence 

What types of applications can be discussed by phone?

Pre-application advice for the following types of development  can be provided over the phone:

  • Minor buildings and works (such as a front fence or a ground floor extension)
  • Signage applications.

Talk to your neighbours

It is also a good idea to talk to your neighbours about what you want to do at your property. Sometimes, letting your neighbour know what your intentions are and perhaps making a small change to the design early on to address their concerns, can save a lot of time later down the track.

What information is required for a pre-application meeting?

For a building extension:
  • A basic site context plan showing:
    • existing conditions and existing buildings on the site
    • the location of buildings on the adjoining sites (including any habitable room windows and private open space areas)
  • A concept design with:
    • plans showing building footprint, location of windows, doors, decks etc.
    • elevations showing windows, doors, etc.
  • Photos of the site and surrounding features of the area
For ‘change of use’ or a Liquor Licence:
  • Nature of the use
  • Hours of operation
  • Staff / patron numbers 
  • Car parking on site
  • Surrounding uses and where the closest dwelling is located.

Please provide as much information as possible

Remember that advice at the pre-application meeting is only as good as the information that you provide to the Planning Officer.

If you don't provide the information required to enable a reasonable understanding and assessment of the development/use proposal by the Planning Officer, they cannot give you an informed opinion. This will likely lead to compromised advice.

Failure to provide the required information may also result in the pre-application meeting being cancelled.

All applicants are urged to take into account any pre-application advice provided before they lodge an application. If an application is lodged that has not taken into account the preliminary issues and concerns raised by the Council Planning Officer, these will remain unresolved and may hold up the processing time for an application.

How do I request a pre-application meeting?

Request a pre-application meeting