Appeal a parking fine

All applications to review parking infringements must be received by Yarra City Council before the due date on the infringement notice. This must be done in writing or online, we do not accept appeals over the phone.

The Mayor and Councillors are unable to respond to letters about fines. All requests for internal review must be directed to the Infringement Review Team.

How to appeal a parking fine

Step 1

Before paying or appealing a parking fine, you should view the photos taken of your parking infringement. You will need to provide the infringement number and vehicle registration number to view the photos.

VIEW infringement photos ONLINE

Step 2

To appeal a parking fine, you must identify the grounds for your internal review.

Below are some common reasons that drivers have for requesting a review. Select the most appropriate scenario to see if we consider your circumstances and what information you need to provide.

Make sure you provide all the details as well as any supporting documents from third parties because by law you only get one chance to request a review. You need to provide all of the relevant information up front to help us make a decision.