Significant trees

We register significant trees that have horticultural, aesthetic, historical, environmental, social or cultural value, and are located on public land and private properties.

What trees are on the significant tree register?

You can download a copy of the significant tree register (690KB, PDF).

To request a hard copy or if you have any queries about the register, you can call Yarra City Council on 03 9205 5555.

How do I nominate a tree for the significant tree register?

You can nominate a tree to add to the register. No expertise in tree identification is required.

You will need to provide:

  • Tree location
  • Species (if known)
  • Approximate height
  • Estimated age
  • Any additional information about why the tree should be considered significant

Download the Significant Tree Nomination Form for removal / pruning.

Assessing a nomination 

Nominated trees will be inspected, assessed and photographed by our tree consultant.

Trees will be assessed against the following list of criteria (54.4KB, PDF).

We will review and assess nominations on a quarterly basis, depending on the volume of nominations received.

Please be aware that nominations could take up to 6 months to be assessed before being considered for inclusion in the register.

Significant tree damaged or removed

If you believe a significant tree has been damaged or removed contact Yarra City Council on 03 9205 5555.

How do I apply to lop, prune or remove a significant tree?

When making decisions about removing trees, we are guided by our tree removal guidelines (85.2KB, PDF).

The guidelines provide a framework for managing tree removal.

Only trees that are dead, dying, dangerous or proven to be causing property damage will be considered for removal.

Removal is usually the last option and only considered when other options to rectify the concern have been exhausted.

What is a significant tree?

A tree is considered significant if:

  • The tree is single trunked with a trunk diameter of 400 mm or greater measured at 1500 mm (1.5m) above the ground or
  • The tree is multi-trunked with a combined trunk diameter of 400mm or greater at 1500 mm (1.5m) above the ground
  • The tree is individually listed on the significant tree register
  • The tree is one of a group of trees listed on the significant tree register
  • The tree is single trunked with a trunk diameter of 400mm or greater measured at ground level; or
  • The tree is multi- trinked with a combined trunk diameter of 400mm or greater measured at ground level.
  • "Significant tree register" means a register of trees of cultural significance to the Council, which is kept and maintained by us

What are the significant tree permit fees?

  • Application fee: $155 (non refundable)
  • Significant tree permit – removal: $220
  • Significant tree permit – pruning only: $111

We are required to get an external arborist report for every application, the application fee contributes to the fee we are charged by the arborist.

How do I prepare my significant tree permit application?

Follow the steps below to prepare your application:

Step 1: Download a significant tree application form (118KB, PDF).

Step 2: Complete the application form ensuring you have added the following details:

  • Description of the tree or trees, including botanical names
  • Whether you intend to lop or remove
  • Planned replacement planting details
  • Photos of the trees in question
  • Attach any supporting documentation that will support your application. This may include an arborist report, engineers report and photos.
  • Signed by the property owner

Step 3: Lodge your application with us.

Step 4. Pay the application fee once we send you the invoice.

Permits will only be issued if the owner has consented to removal or lopping of the tree.

How do I lodge my application?

You can lodge your application via:

What happens next?

  1. Once you pay the application fee we'll proceed with an arborist assessment. If we need to arrange access to the tree on your property we will contact you.
  2. If the decision is to approve the work, a further invoice will be issued for the permit fee.
  3. When it's paid, the permit will be issued detailing the specific approved work for you to commence.