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Report a lost or found animal

Report a dog attack

Make a complaint about a domestic animal

Enquire about animal registration in Yarra

Enquire about dog parks

Bookings and events

Enquire about booking a council venue

Enquire about a sports ground – casual and school bookings

General venue booking enquiry

City Development and Planning

Enquire about Council building projects 

Submit a planning scheme amendment

Request a pre-application meeting – Planning

Request for a property to be re-zoned

Enquire about urban design/streetscapes

General local business enquiry


Request a community event listing

Aged and Disability Services

New client request

Request for community transport

Meals on Wheels enquiry

Request for home care

Request for home maintenance

Make a disability enquiry

Arts and Culture

Art and heritage collection enquiry

Creative spaces enquiry

General enquiry

Community Safety and Wellbeing

Rough sleepers enquiry 

Social housing enquiry

General community safety enquiry

Family and Children Services

Notify us of your child's birth

Enquire about Central Registration

Enquire about Kindergartens

Enquire about Long Day Care

Request a Maternal and Child Health Nurse appointment

Request Occasional Care at the Connie Benn Centre

Request Occasional Care at our Leisure centres

Enquire about playgroups

Enquire about family support

Vacation Care and Aftercare 

Out of School Hours request

Vacation Care booking enquiry

Youth Services

L2P – Learner Drivers program enquriy

School Holiday Program enquiry

Student placement enquiry

Youth programs and services enquiry


Parking infringement – request an internal review

Parking infringement – request an extension of time to pay

Parking infringement – nominate a driver

Local laws infringement – submit an appeal

Local laws infringement – request an extension of time to pay

Local laws infringement – request a payment plan

Construction Enforcement infringement – enquiry

Governance and Council Executive

Freedom of Information (FOI) request

Council budget enquiry

Council election enquiry


Request a graffiti removal kit or discount paint vouchers

Report graffiti on a Council building

Report graffiti on park/playground equipment/park furniture

Report graffiti on street poles/posts

Report graffiti on street litter bins


Community grants enquiry

Sports Participation grant enquiry

Sustainability grants enquiry

Artistic Projects grants enquiry

Local Laws and Enforcement – Parking

Report an abandoned vehicle

Request for parking enforcement officers

Report a faulty parking ticket machine

Local Laws and Enforcement – Construction & Building

Request for construction enforcement officers

Report building safety and non-compliance

Book or cancel a construction inspection

Local Laws and Enforcement – Compliance

Make a bill posting complaint

Report campers on Council land

Report failure to maintain a safe environment

Report a fake parking permit or sale of a parking permit

Fencing complaint

Motor vehicle noise or display complaint

Report a footpath obstruction

Report open-air burning

Report overhanging vegetation

Report personal trainers in a Council park without a permit

Report sale of goods and street collection

Report an issue with a school crossing

Report a breach of a significant tree

Spruiking complaint

Report a vehicle in a recreation reserve

Enquire about Gleadell Street Market

Enquire about grease traps

I am employed as a school crossing supervisor in Yarra

Other Compliance enquiry

Make a noise complaint – commercial, industrial, fixed equipment, residential

Make a noise complaint – out of hours construction breach

Planning Enforcement

Report a development breach

Report an illegal brothel

Report a use breach

Mayor and Councillors

Contact the Mayor/Councillors office

Invite the Mayor/Councillors to an event

Permits – Construction and Building

Enquire about construction permits/application forms

Enquire about a construction management plan (CMP)

Permits – Food and Health

Enquire about food registration

Enquire about personal care/body art premise registration

Enquire about prescribed accommodation registration

Permits – Local Laws

Enquire about personal trainer permits

Enquire about busking permits

Enquire about a footpath trading/public space licence

Enquire about a mobile food vehicle permit

Enquire about a significant tree permit

Enquire about a temporary public space licence

Permits – Parking

Change the vehicle registration on a parking permit

Enquire about the renewal of a parking permit

Request a refund on a parking permit

General parking permit enquiry

Permits – Planning and Building

Enquire about general requirements for a planning permit

Enquire about legal point of discharge

Enquire about National Heavy Vehicles

Object to a planning permit

Support for a planning permit

Withdraw your objection to a planning permit

Withdraw your support for a planning permit

Public Health

Request immunisation records

Request for a discarded syringe to be picked up

Make an asbestos complaint

Make a food complaint

Enquire about food recalls

Enquire about infectious diseases

Make a complaint about a registered food premise

Make a complaint about a registered premise - Public Health and Wellbeing Act

Make a tobacco complaint

Make a commercial waste/litter disposal complaint

Rates and Valuations

Enquire about a Land Information Certificate & Property Settlement Figures

Request property ownership information for fencing purposes

Request for property information

Update property ownership/managing agent details

Request to purchase roads or laneways

Make a street numbering request

Object to a valuation


Report a damaged footpath

Report a damaged footpath – depression/holding water

Report a damaged footpath – hazard

Report a damaged footpath – other authority

Report a damaged footpath – pits/pipes/culverts

Report a damaged footpath – pothole

Report a damaged footpath – protruding property drain

Report a damaged footpath – reinstatement

Report a damaged footpath – service cover

Kerb and Channel

Report a damaged kerb and channel

Report a damaged kerb and channel – depression

Report a damaged kerb and channel – missing

Report a damaged kerb and channel – temporary curbing

Report a damaged kerb and channel – trip hazard


Report a damaged laneway

Report a damaged laneway – cracking

Report a damaged laneway – depression

Report a damaged laneway – hazard

Report a damaged laneway – pit cover/culverts

Report a damaged laneway – service covers


Report a damaged road

Report a damaged road – cracked

Report a damaged road – depression

Report a damaged road – hazard

Report a damaged road – pothole

Report a damaged road – service covers

Report a damaged road – speed hump

Report a blocked pit/drain or road/lane flooding

Report flooding – smell from pit

Report a damaged pit and service cover

Report a hazardous pit and service cover

Street furniture

Enquire about bike hoops

Report a damaged drinking fountain

Report a leaking drinking fountain

Maintenance required to street furniture

New street furniture is required to replace

Sustainability and Recycling

Enquire about planter boxes, laneway or community gardens

Enquire about compost bins/worm farms

Enquire about recycling bin stickers/magnets

Enquire about our recycling drop-off point

Rubbish and Recycling

Make a green waste booking

Make a hard waste booking

Report a damaged recycling bin

Report a damaged waste bin

Request retrieval of a recycling bin

Request retrieval of a waste bin

Enquire about bins for a school fete

Report a missed collection – recycling bin

Report a missed collection – waste bin

Request for a new recycling bin

Request for a new waste bin

Request for a new garden waste bin

Street cleaning

Request for a street sweeping

Request for bill posters to be removed

Request for a dead animal to be removed

Request for dumped rubbish to be removed

Request for weeds to be removed

Request for a street litter bin to be emptied

Request for a street litter bin to be maintained

Traffic Management

Enquire about a bicycle lane

Enquire about car share parking

Enquire about disability parking

Enquire about pedestrian crossings

Report a road safety issue

Request for traffic information

Request for a traffic management treatment

Request for TravelSmart maps

Request for line marking maintenance

Request to install or remove line markings


Report a missing parking sign

Request for a new or change to a parking sign

Request maintenance for parking/traffic signs

Request to install or remove a traffic sign

Park Maintenance

Report a hazardous tree – bushland

Report maintenance, weeds or litter removal – bushland

Request inspection of a safety issue – childcare/Council facility

Request maintenance of garden beds – childcare/Council facility

Request repair/replace dog litter bag dispenser

Request replacement dog litter bags

Report nature strip or median strip overgrown

Report a park BBQ to be cleaned

Report a park BBQ to be repaired

Report an overflowing park bin

Report a park bin to be repaired/maintained

Report a vandalised/faulty park bin 

Report a park bollard to be repaired/replaced

Report a damaged park drinking fountain

Report a leaking park drinking fountain/adjust pressure

Report dangerous/unsafe park fencing

Request for maintenance to a park fence

Report a broken table/bench

Report cleaning required to a table/bench

Report painting required to a table/bench

Request maintenance to a garden bed

Request mulch for a garden bed

Request maintenance to park grass/lawn

Report flooding/leaking sprinklers

Report maintenance required to sprinklers/pit lids/drip lines

Request for park lighting to be inspected/repaired

Report dumped rubbish

Report litter to be removed

Report an urgent litter collection

Request for cleaning/maintenance to park signage

Report flooding/blocked public toilet

Request repairs to a public toilet

Report debris/weed removal/maintenance to line marking on path/shared trail

Report hazard on path/shared trail

Report a safety issue with playgrounds/exercise equipment

Request maintenance to sports equipment

Request repairs to synthetic turf/cricket wickets

Request maintenance/mowing/line marking to synthetic turf

Street trees 

Request maintenance to street gardens

Report a dead/dying/sick tree – possum or pests

Report a dead/dying/sick tree – watering required

Report a hazardous tree – fallen/hanging/dangerous branch

Report a hazardous tree – whole tree down/immediate hazard

Request for additional tree planting

Request for a tree to be pruned – broken/dead branches or touching wires

Request for a tree to be pruned – overhanging property, street lights or street signs

Report maintenance to tree base – hoops, stakes, bollards, asphalt

Report a tree pulled out

Report a vandalised tree

Customer Service

Customer service feedback

Customer service complaint