Out of Hours Permits

An Out of Hours Permit is required to work on building sites outside normal permitted times.   The normal working hours as approved by council are regulated by:

1.  General Local Law 2016 and allows work as follows:

  •     Monday to Friday - 7.00am to 6.00pm
  •     Saturday - 9.00am to 3.00pm
  •     Sunday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day and Good Friday - no work permitted
  •     All other public holidays, normal times apply unless stipulated in planning permit conditions.

2.  Planning permit conditions

Where a planning permit has been issued for the proposed works, the planning permit conditions will dictate the permitted working hours. 

What are the guidelines for granting out of hours permits?

We recognise there are circumstances where works on building sites may require to be conducted outside of normal permitted times.


Council’s commitment to ensuring non-discriminatory and respectful assessment is made with all residents and circumstances considered equally. 


Each application will be assessed on their individual merits and circumstances, taking into account the reasonableness of either granting or refusing the application and the effect on the safety and amenity to the residents and general public. All applications must be approved by the manager and will not automatically be granted approval.


Applications should be lodged ahead of the scheduled works (at least 1 week prior). This will give sufficient time to consider the request and for the applicant  to send any required  notifications to local residents. Applications need to clearly detail the works, provide justification and outline the effect on the safety and amenity of residents and the general public.


Permits can be revoked if the works are found to be disruptive or breach the permit conditions.


What are the most common reasons for out of hours permits?

Concrete pours: It is considered where there is an engineering requirement to ensure the structural integrity is not compromised and to avoid cold joints which weakens the concrete caused by an interruption or delay in the concreting process. The pours can also be affected by frequency of concrete deliveries and weather. 

Tower crane installations and dismantle: It is considered for safety reasons and to minimise traffic disruption due to the size of the operation, road closures and restricted travel times for heavy vehicles transporting materials on VicRoads Road.

Restricted delivery times and access: It is considered when there is restricted travel times for heavy vehicles transporting materials on VicRoads Road, restrictions placed by other authorities or impacts emergency services such as hospitals.

Business park or shopping precinct:  It is considered for safety reasons and to minimise disruption to daily tenants. This is generally within areas not surrounded by residential tenants. Examples include:

  1. Removal or installation of an ATM.
  2. Building works on an office within a business park.
  3. Change over of business signs where it’s deemed unsafe or disruptive to passing pedestrians and traffic. 

    How do I apply for an out of hours permit?

    You can complete the application form and submit this and all relevant information to info@yarracity.vic.gov.au

    You must notify surrounding residents (within a 100m radius) of your intention to work out of hours 7 days prior to works. 

    There is 2 options to satisfy the requirement for the notification letter:

    • Distribute a letter 7 days prior to works; or
    • Distribute a monthly notification letter, followed by a notification letter 2 days prior to the works.

    A template for this notification can be found here. All letters must be stamped approved by council prior to distribution. Permits will not be activated if the letter has not been approved.

    How much does an out of hours permit cost?

    Permit Fee - $180.20

    Inspection Fee - $460.35 per day