Construction Management Plan

A Construction Management Plan (CMP) is needed for large or difficult to build developments. You will need to submit a CMP if it is listed as a condition in your Planning Permit.

Why do I need a Construction Management Plan?

Large construction sites can impact residents and local business. A CMP helps address these impacts before work starts. We will assess the CMP and reduce the impacts where possible.

What information do I include in a Construction Management Plan?

The information you need in a Construction Management Plan will be specific to your development. 

Please refer to the Construction Management Plan template guidelines.

You will need to provide information on:

Site Accessibility 
Traffic complexities 
Size of site 
Exiting site conditions 
Construction program and contact details
Scale of the proposed development 
What equipment is required for your development
Management of environmental hazards
Noise and Vibration Management Plan
Parking facilities for workers
Public protection measures
Occupation of Council land
Any temporary disconnection of existing public lighting
Site security and emergency contact details

If you have any further questions contact us on 9205 5555.

How long will it take for my Construction Management Plan to be assessed?

Please see the attached process document to understand the CMP assessment timeline.