Construction Management Plan

A Construction Management Plan (CMP) is needed for large or difficult to build developments. You will need to submit a CMP if it is listed as a condition in your Planning Permit.


Why do I need a Construction Management Plan?

Large construction sites can impact residents and local business. A CMP helps address how works will take place and is assessed to reduce possible impacts.  This document is prepared prior to commencement of any works. 


Important Information

As of 30th October 2018, we have released a new CMP form. You must complete this and attach the requested documents before the assessment can be completed. If approved, this will become your endorsed CMP.


Prior to submitting a CMP for assessment please contact Council on 03 9205 5555 to arrange a meeting with Council's assessment Officer. At the meeting we will discuss the requirements prior to submitting your application which will help streamline the application process.


Over the coming weeks:

  • The application process will be moving online. You will be set up with an online account to submit your CMP application and any permit applications required during the build. 
  • There will be an overview of the CMP process available for customers online explaining the different permit applications, meetings, site inspections and notifications required.

How do I apply?

Download the CMP form.  Complete and send to


How long will my application take to process?

Please allow a minimum lead time of at least 1 month for processing to ensure you have sufficient time to respond to any further information requests which may arise.

You can expect to have an initial response within 3 business days from when all required documentation has been supplied and is satisfactory. Your initial response will give you an indication as to how long the assessment process may take from start to final approval.

It is important to note that CMP applications may require referrals to internal departments depending on the site and type of work being undertaken.

What information do I include in a Construction Management Plan?

The information you need to provide in a CMP will be specific to your development, refer to the CMP form.


What is the process to amend my endorsed Construction Management Plan?

You will need to apply for a secondary consent with the planning department and submit the following information.

  • A covering letter requesting the secondary consent amendment
  • The key reasons for the changes
  • 2 hard copies of the CMP documents.
  • Payment of $525. This can be by cheque or credit card details over the phone.
  • This application is a 4-6 week process
  • For further information refer to Change extend planning application factsheet.


If you have any further questions contact us on 9205 5555.