Deliveries To Site

If you are receiving a delivery to site you do not require a permit. The following information will assist define a delivery.

What is a delivery?

A delivery is short term and involves:

  • Movement of materials directly from truck to site;
  • No use of plant and equipment;
  • A legally parked truck; and
  • Where access for pedestrians and traffic is maintained.

 Other frequent scenarios that are classed as a delivery.

  • Commercial business receiving goods from a truck and unloading by hand;
  • Commercial business that require a forklift for deliveries.  A spotter is required for this type of delivery.
  • Building sites - truck with a forklift attached to the rear required for brick deliveries.  A spotter is required for this type of delivery and materials must not be place on council land;
  • Trucks entering and exiting site.  This may require traffic controllers to hold pedestrians and traffic for safety;
  • Soil delivery by truck, unloading into a wheelbarrow and taken immediately into site;
  • Concrete agitator (no line pump) and where the concrete delivery is pouted straight into site.  Pedestrian traffic must be maintained;
  • Unloading plant and equipment immediately into the site using existing vehicle access (driveway).

Where can I find further information?

Please refer to General Local Law 2016:

  • Part 3, 10. Obstructions and Hazards on Roads and council land; or
  • Part 6, 22. Occupation of Council land

 If your activity is not defined as a delivery, you can apply for a permit here.