Noise and distractions

Monday 24 August 2020

Richmond skyline o na sunny day with cranes in the background
Adjusting to working from home has it challenges, with noise and distractions we’re not often used to.

Although those who can work from home continue to do so through Stage 4 restrictions, some industries, including construction are working on site.

Construction noise

As a result, it’s unavoidable that construction will impact on people living or working in close proximity to a construction site due to noise, dust and from time to time, vibration.

Building works are permitted between:

  • 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday
  • 9am to 3pm on Saturday (unless otherwise approved)

Building works are done within approved Construction Management Plan guidelines, which include minimising the impact of noise and disruption to nearby businesses and residents as far as reasonably possible.

General noise associated with building sites conducted is not restricted. We won’t be able to address these types of noise sources during the allowed hours, including:

  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Hammering (including jack hammering).

To settle issues about noisy construction works, approach the builder and work with them to reach an agreeable outcome. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can report the issue to us

If the issue is happening outside above guidelines and you require immediate assistance, please call us on 9205 5555.

Residential noise

Under the Environment Protection Act, it’s an offence to cause unreasonable noise from residential premises. Unreasonable noise is determined by:

  • Volume
  • Intensity
  • Duration.

The best way to deal with a noisy neighbour is to approach them and work together to settle the problem. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can report the issue to us using the form below.

If you’re not sure what noise occurring around your home is or isn’t permitted, you can read more about construction and noise guidelines.

We understand the current environment for people living in Melbourne can be stressful and can lead to feeling overwhelmed or experiencing anxiety. The Department of Health and Human Services have a range of resources to assist and support you to take care of your wellbeing at this time.


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