Noise complaints

Entertainment venues

Yarra has a vibrant night scene. However, there must be a balance between residents getting a good night’s sleep and venues running successful businesses.

If you are affected by noise from a venue, we suggest approaching the operator or manager of the venue to let them know that noise from their business is affecting you. All premises licensed to serve alcohol are obliged to respond quickly and positively to resolve complaints. 

If you cannot resolve the issue with the operator or manager, you can contact Victoria Police. They have power to instruct a venue to cease or decrease noise between midnight and 8am.

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, City of Yarra planning enforcement officers can investigate to see if the venue is breaching their planning permit or planning scheme.

Report noise from an entertainment venue

Commercial building sites

As development continues in Yarra, construction noise from building sites may affect people living in Yarra.

All building works are required to:

  • Work within permitted working hours:
    • 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday
    • 9am to 3pm on Saturday  (unless otherwise approved)
  • Undertake building works in a manner that does not cause a nuisance
  • Work within approved Construction Management Plan guidelines, which may include a noise and vibration plan.

To settle the issue of noisy construction works, approach the builder to work with them to achieve an agreeable outcome.  If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can report the issue to us using the form below.

Report noise from construction 

Residential noise

Domestic noise

Noise can come from residential activities such as parties, renovations and home occupations.

Under the Environmental Protection Act, it’s an offence to case unreasonable noise from residential premises. Unreasonable noise is determined by its:

  • volume
  • intensity
  • duration

The best way to deal with a noisy neighbour is to approach them and work together to settle the problem. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can report the issue to us using the form below.

Make a domestic noise complaint 

Fixed plant equipment

Noise can also come from domestic machines fixed to a property – such as air conditioners, ducting heating systems or hot water units. 

You can lodge a complaint with about this type of noise by using the form below. We may ask you to keep a diary of when the noise occurs. We may also take measurements of the noise levels to present to a magistrate if the problem is dealt with in court.

Make a fixed plant equipment noise complaint 

Waste collection

If you are regularly woken at night by waste collection activities, you can report this to us to investigate using the form below. 

Make a waste collection noise complaint