Yarra ‘green zone’ parking returns to normal

Tuesday 05 May 2020

Person paying a parking meter

Yarra City Council parking restrictions in areas marked with green signs are returning to full effect Monday 18 May across the municipality.

Recognising that it wasn’t always practical for residents and key workers to leave their homes or workplaces to move their vehicles during the COVID-19 lockdown, our parking enforcement officers exercised discretion and eased parking over the past seven weeks.

During this time there was minimal traffic in Yarra City streets and the impact of unrestricted green zones had reduced impact on local businesses and residential parking.

As we move into recovery phase and vehicles are returning to our streets, regular car park turnover will support local businesses allowing customers and visitor to return. Residents returning to workplaces also need parking restrictions to return to normal.

Reinstating parking fees ensure motorists adhere to parking signs, allow everyone has fair access to car parks, support city residents and traders.

Over the next week while we are transition back to normal practices, council parking officers patrolling the city and will resume checking parking metres and will be issuing warnings to people overstaying or not paying for parking in green zones.

From Monday 11 May we will issue infringements to anyone who has already received a warning and revert to normal enforcement.

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It continues to be illegal for everyone to park in parking spaces with red signs in the municipality, such as No Stopping areas, tow-away clearways, loading zones, and permit zones.

Information for St Vincent’s and Epworth healthcare staff

We are working closely with St Vincent’s and Epworth hospitals to support our frontline healthcare workers in our hospitals. Council has provided parking permits for the hospitals to allocate to their frontline healthcare workers.

To find out more, hospital staff should contact their administration team to discuss their parking requirements.


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