Rainbow Connections

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Two the group's members playing the piano!

The Bent Twig Alliance is a special group...

So special in fact, that two of its members take the 5 hour round train trip from Moe to be a part of it. So who are they and why would one travel so far to join them?

They’re an LGBTI Seniors group that was initially launched by the Willowview Centre to support and engage LGBTI seniors and their allies. They now run as an independent alliance, meeting every second Thursday at the Collingwood Seniors Centre.

At its core, this group offers an opportunity for people from the same community to connect over issues that are unique to their lived experience. The group was only established eight weeks ago but they’ve already discussed LGBTI specific end of life plans, My Aged Care Services and visited iconic LGBTI spaces like Hares and Hyenas.

Bent Twig Alliance member Jaimie Bloom points out that staying engaged in politics and advocating for your rights is important no matter your age,

“your rights are not something to take for granted; you have to struggle to preserve them. No one else is going to do it for you.”

Terena, another member (and a prolific baker of delicious cakes) adds to this, “I’ve worked so hard as an adult with a family to look after but now that I’m retired I’m really looking forward to getting involved in different political activities that will help the LGBTI community. I’ve never really had an opportunity to contribute to that.”

It’s not all serious business though, there’s a lot of laughter and connection to be had, “through this group I got onto two LGBTI dance classes and I am just absolutely addicted – it’s so much fun, so social. I’m learning to dance and I’m meeting people!” says Jaimie.

If being treated to cake, meaningful conversation and –if you’re lucky- a spot of live piano sounds like your cup of tea, find out how you can join


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