LGBTI+ elders

LGBTI elders 

There is a range of LGBTI+ services for all ages, including elders, and resources to connect you with Yarra’s LGBTI+ elders social group. 

Bent Twig Alliance (BTA) – LGBTI Elders and Allies Social group (with City of Yarra). The BTA group meets fortnightly in Collingwood. 
Enquiries: contact the City of Yarra Aged and Disability branch on 9205 5555, or for the group’s contacts, call the Willowview Centre on 9205 5276.  
You can also visit the Bent Twig Alliance Facebook page.

Yarra City Council has been funded to provide respite care for carers who are either members of the LGBTI community or who care for someone who is. Successful applicants for the Support for Carers Program will be eligible for up to 20 hours of respite care per year. 

Switchboard (QLife) – LGBTIQ+ telephone and webchat counselling
Enquiries: 1800 184 527 or chat online between 3pm and 12 midnight every day of the week.

Switchboard Out and About LGBTI Community Visitors Scheme
Enquiries: 9663 2474 or

LGBTI Elders Dance Club

LGBTIQ Carers Group
Enquiries: 9658 9190 or

Then and Now – Older LGBT people share their stories

Rainbow Connection Community Support
Enquiries: 9863 0426 or

Transgender Victoria (TGV)

Alice’s Garage
Enquiries: 0429 582 237 or

Matrix Guild Victoria

Bisexual Alliance
Enquiries: 0407 823 025 (James)