Waste services rank highly in customer satisfaction results

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Rubbish and recycling, our libraries and services for older people received top marks in our latest customer satisfaction survey.

Conducted in early 2018, the survey asked 800 households across Yarra to rate their satisfaction with a range of our services, to identify emerging issues and priorities.

Weekly rubbish collection was the highest-ranked service, scoring 8.79 out of 10, followed by local libraries, which scored 8.77.

Our recycling, hard rubbish service and services for older people scored 8.55, 8.44 and 8.40 respectively. These scores are all categorised as “excellent”.  

The survey asked residents for their opinion on 29 services, and overall, these all ranked highly.

Average satisfaction with our services and facilities was categorised as “excellent” (7.83 out of 10). This was significantly higher than the average for metropolitan Melbourne, categorised as “very good” (or 7.37 out of 10).

Similarly, satisfaction with the overall performance of Yarra City Council was significantly higher than the metropolitan Melbourne average (6.99 for Yarra compared to 6.53 for other metro councils).

The pressures of living in a growing and more populated city emerged as the top issues for Yarra residents.

Almost a quarter of respondents (24.3%) identified building, planning, housing and development as a top issue, followed by traffic management (18.3%) and car parking (17.1%).

When asked about which services had improved over the last 2 years, residents identified parks, gardens and open space, road maintenance and repairs and libraries.

When compared to the results of the 2017 survey, the most improved service areas were parking enforcement, public toilets and services for older people.

This was the ninth year we conducted this annual customer satisfaction survey. The results are used to identify areas for improvement and to ensure our priorities are in line with the views and values of our community.

For more information and to read the full report, visit the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey webpage.


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