Annual customer satisfaction survey

Each year we conduct an extensive survey of households to gauge importance and satisfaction levels with a range of our services, as well as determining emerging issues and priorities.

2019 Results

The latest Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted in February 2019 by Metropolis Research. This year, 800 households participated in the survey.

Scores are provided by survey respondents on a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high) and averaged to describe results. The averages are also classified into satisfaction categories ranging from “excellent” (above 7.75) to “extremely poor” (less than 5).

Overall satisfaction with Council’s performance improved from "good" (6.99 out of 10) in 2018 to "very good" (7.3 out of 10) in 2019. This is measurably and significantly higher than the metropolitan Melbourne average of 6.74.

The average satisfaction with our 29 included services and facilities also improved from 7.83 in 2018 to 7.93 in 2019, maintaining the classification of “excellent”.

Our 5 highest rating services in 2019 were:

Rank Service/facility  Score  Category 
 1  Weekly garbage collection   8.74  Excellent
 2  Local library  8.67  Excellent
 3  Regular recycling  8.54  Excellent 
 4  Hard rubbish booking/pick up service   8.49  Excellent 
 5  Maintenance of parks and gardens  8.36  Excellent

20 of our services rated higher than 7.75, which is categorised as “excellent”, seven were rated as “very good” (7.25 to 7.75) and two were rated as "good" (6.5 to 7.25)

The three most improved service areas from 2018 were maintenance and cleaning of public areas, parking enforcement and footpath maintenance and repairs. 

Top 5 issues in 2019

Respondents were asked to nominate what they consider to be the top three issues for the City of Yarra at the moment. The top five issues identified in 2019 were:

  • Car parking (nominated by 20.3% of respondents)
  • Traffic management (nominated by 16.9% of respondents)
  • Building, planning and housing development (nominated by 11.8% of respondents)
  • Drug related issues (nominated by 10.4% of respondents)
  • Safety, policing and crime (nominated by 9.5% of respondents)

There was significant variation across our ten neighbourhoods:

  • Car parking was the number one identified issue in Richmond Central, Richmond South (Cremorne and Burnley) and Fitzroy
  • Traffic management was the number one issue in Carlton North and Fitzroy North
  • Building, planning and development was the most significant issue identified in Clifton Hill and Fairfield-Alphington.
  • Drug related issues were more likely to be identified in Abbotsford and Richmond North.
  • In Collingwood, safety, policing and crime was the top issue

 Improvements observed by residents in last 2 years:

  • Parks, gardens and open space (observed by 11.9% of respondents)
  • Roads maintenance and repairs (observed by 6.0% of respondents)
  • Bike/walking trails and facilities (observed by 3.3% of respondents)

Preferred improvements to the local area by residents:

  • Parking (11.3%)
  • Traffic management (9.1%)
  • Bike tracks, facilities and infrastructure (5.9%)

Customer service

Survey respondents rated our customer service as “very good” (7.70 out of 10), with “excellent” scores for staff understanding language needs (8.20) and the professionalism of staff (8.05).

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