Council welcomes Minister’s decision on 1954 Boiler House

Thursday 26 October 2017

Alphington Paper Mill

Yarra Council welcomes the Minister for Planning’s decision to not add the 1954 Boiler House on the former paper mill site in Alphington to the Victorian Heritage Register.

The decision will ensure the site can be developed in line with the community’s expectations, outlined in an approved development plan for the site.

The Boiler House is located on the western side of the industrial site. It is in poor condition, contains asbestos and is not accessible in its current state.

The proposed heritage listing of the Boiler House was inconsistent with the previously approved development plan for the site. The development plan was created over many years with the Alphington community and anticipated replacing the boiler house with a medium-rise residential building.

The development plan includes requirements for building heights, open space, community facilities and protection of the Yarra River.

It also includes a conservation management plan to ensure the history of the site as a paper mill is recognised.  

The Minister’s decision is a positive step in ensuring the development of a residential and commercial precinct is consistent with the community’s longstanding vision for the future of the site.

For more information about the redevelopment, visit the Alphington Paper Mill Site Redevelopment webpage


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