Alphington Paper Mill site redevelopment

About the Alphington Paper Mill Site Development

The Alphington Paper Mill site in Alphington is a 16.5 hectare parcel of land located on the corner of Heidelberg Road and the Chandler Highway and extending down to the Yarra River.

Amcor ceased its paper recycling operations at the site in late 2012, and in June 2013, arranged for the land to be sold.

The site is set to be developed into a major residential precinct with shops, offices, open spaces and community facilities.

On 2 December 2015, Yarra City Council unanimously approved the revised Development Plan for the Alphington Paper Mill subject to conditions including extra protections for the Yarra River frontage and the establishment of a community reference group.

The historic decision, taken after more than 18 months of community consultation and engagement, paves the way for the establishment of a new mini-suburb of up to 2500 homes catering for some 5000 residents, as well as commercial and retail spaces that will provide local employment. The site is owned by joint developers, Alphington Developments and Alpha Partners.

Council worked hard to ensure the development plan achieved significant outcomes such as 4.5 per cent open space and 1700 square metres for community facilities and a multi-purpose sports facility.

The Development Plan also provides a 30 metre buffer zone protecting the Yarra River frontage. Council also ensured that road widths, heights and density are far improved from the original proposition and that there is an unconditional 5 per cent affordable housing element.

The decision came at the end of two rounds of formal community consultation, over 12 months, with a total of 365 written submissions and many verbal presentations to Council.

Council thanks all members of the community who have been so dedicated throughout this process, especially the Alphington Paper Mill Action Group, West Alphington Residents Group and the South Alphington and Fairfield Civic Association and everyone who attended meetings and made submissions.

The revised Development Plan has been finalised and can be viewed here.

View the Council Report from the Special Council Meeting on 2 December 2015.

The purpose of this meeting is for Council to consider an Officers' Report on the revised Development Plan for the Alphington Paper Mill site.

Download the full Council resolution

Community Reference Group for the Alphington Paper Mill Site

In late 2016, Council appointed a Community Reference Group to enable community members to be involved in the on-going development of the site. For full details, please visit the Alphington Paper Mill site Community Reference Group webpage. 

Update on the 1954 Boiler House 

The Executive Director of Heritage Victoria has advised Council that the 1954 Boiler House, located on the former Alphington Paper Mill site, has been recommended for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register.

The Heritage Council will consider this recommendation before deciding if the building is to be added to the Victorian Heritage Register.

Council considered this matter at a Special Confidential Council Meeting held on 19 September 2016.  At that meeting, Council reaffirmed its position that the 1954 Boiler House should be removed to enable the coherent development of the former Alphington Paper Mill site, as shown in the approved Development Plan.

Council’s resolution from 19 September 2016 is as follows:

"That Council notes the officer report in relation to the nomination to Heritage Victoria by a community member for the registration of the 1954 Boiler House at the former Alphington Paper Mill site, Alphington.

That Council:

  • having exhibited the proposed Development Plan by the proponent in 2015, and having received and carefully considered all the submissions from both the community and the referral authorities;
  • having considered the requirements of the Development Plan Overlay Schedule;
  • having considered all aspects of the Development Plan and how the various components inter-relate to each other;
  • having formed its opinion regarding the overall development layout for the site as being appropriate to produce an orderly and proper layout, subject to the changes as outlined in its 2 December, 2015; and
  • having determined on the development plan with specific regard to the overall community benefits from the approved Development Plan,
    reaffirm its position that the 1954 Boiler House should be removed to enable the coherent development of the site as shown in the approved Development Plan."

Road closures

The following roads have been closed to allow for preparation activities at the former Alphington paper mill site (including truck/machinery movements between site areas):

  • La Trobe Avenue (from Heidelberg Road), Alphington 
  • Lugdon Street, Alphington
  • Parkview Road, Alphington (south of the Northcote Obedience Dog Club)

The roads will remain closed until further notice. There is strictly no pedestrian or vehicle access within the road closure areas.

Background information

Further information about the project can be found via the links below:

In March 2015 Council established a community working group to provide recommendations to Council on the suitability of the community infrastructure assessment which formed part of the original development plan for the site. Council received the working groups recommendations on 23 June 2015: 11.7.1 AMCOR Community Needs Analysis Working Group - Recommendations

Related information - Chandler Highway

The State Government and VicRoads are managing the upgrade of the Chandler Highway and bridge, which borders the Alphington paper mill site. Visit our Chander Highway webpage for more information about this project. 

Further information

For more information about the Amcor site contact Council on 9205 5555. 

For updates from the developers Alpha Partners and Glenvill, visit The Alphington Paper Mill website.