Gahan Reserve

Park Street, Abbotsford

Gahan Reserve

Gahan Reserve

Park Street, Abbotsford

Gahan Reserve is a popular local park near Collingwood train station and Collingwood Town Hall. It's a great place to enjoy lunch on fine days or catching up with friends and neighbours at the barbeque and picnic spot.

The half basketball court is ideal for shooting hoops and the playground will keep older and younger kids amused for hours.

The southern half of the park is available to dogs off-leash, but walkers must keep their dogs on-leash in the north, near the playground and barbeque/picnic area.

Personal Trainers are welcome to use this site if they have obtained a permit.

Features and facilities

  • playground
    • dogs are prohibited within playgrounds at any time
    • dogs must be kept on-leash within 10 metres of playground areas
  • barbeque
  • picnic tables
  • drinking fountain
  • basketball hoop
  • maternal and child health service 


This park has dog on-leash and dog off-leash zones. The dog off-leash zone is marked in purple.



Gahan Reserve is wheelchair accessible, including accessible parking. 


Location and contacts

Contact us about park maintenance

9205 5555