Personal Training Permit

If you operate commercial personal training or fitness activities on public land such as parks, you must have a licence.

Ensure you have read the Personal Trainer Permit Policy before you submit your application.

How long is a personal training permit valid for?

  • Personal training permits are issued annually and are valid from 1 January - 31 December each year.
  • All permits expire on 31 December, regardless of when they are issued.
  • 2022 personal trainer permits are valid from 1 January 2022 - 31 December 2022.

How much does a personal training permit cost?

  • The fee for the 2022 personal training permits is $316.40.
  • There is no pro rata system for permit fees.

What qualifications do I need to provide?

  • Certificate of Currency/Insurance. The level for public liability must be at least $20 million. The level for professional indemnity must be at least $10 million.
  • National Fitness Industry Registration. Qualifications delivered by peak sporting bodies where the service provided falls outside fitness training or coaching will be at Council’s discretion.  
  • Level 2 First Aid Certificate.
  • Current CPR Certificate.

Where can I train?

What size groups can I train?

There are 3 different park categories. Each category has a separate limit of participants per trainer. Participant numbers must not exceed those specified for each park category:

  • Category A – 6 people
  • Category B – 15 people
  • Category C – 20 people 

What impact does COVID-19 have on my personal training permit?

  • All personal trainers must adhere to DHHS Directions.
  • DHHS Directions may limit the number of participants that can attend each session.
  • DHHS Direction may impact how training is delivered.

What else should permit holders know?

  • Approved personal trainers will receive an approval letter and a physical permit that must be carried with them during training sessions.
  • Minimising impact on local amenity and compliance with permit terms is paramount at all times
  • Non-compliance with Yarra's Personal Training Policy and Local Laws may result in a cancellation of your permit.
  • Client consent has been obtained and participants are informed of the risks/benefits (as per usual consent processes)
  • Risk management policy and procedures are up to date, accommodating changes to service environments and/or or risk profile.
  • Amplified sound permits are obtained via [email protected] if required (small Bluetooth speakers are allowed in Yarra as background music).
  • If sports club training/games is in session, use of the sports ground is not permitted.