Annual Grants

The 2018 Annual Grants Round has now closed.

Yarra City Council's Annual Grants provide financial and in-kind support for community initiatives and projects running in 2018.

Through this program, we will invest over $850,000 in programs which support and enrich the Yarra community. The funded programs will address a wide variety of local needs and promote connectedness and wellbeing across Yarra.

Image of a group of musicians in wacky costumes posed for the camera.
The Prophets perform on self-made instruments (and costumes) as part of Liquid Architecture's event Polyphonic Social: Maydaymaydaymayday which took place at the Abbotsford Convent in May 2016. Photographer: Keelan O'Hehir

Annual Grants Streams and Categories

The Annual Grants are split into a number of different Streams. Some of these streams also have sub-categories. These are:

 Image showing list of grant streams including: Community Development Stream, with three categories Community Strengthening, Community Celebrations and Social Enterprise; Community Housing Stream; Sports and Recreation Stream; Sustainability Stream, with the categories of General Sustainability Grants and Partnering for Sustainability; Family, Youth, and Children Stream, with the categories Family and Early Years, and Youth and Middle Years; Youth-Led Stream; and Arts and Culture Stream with the categories Arts Development, Festivals and Events, Community Arts and Richmond Theatrette.

You will need to choose which category that you would like to submit your application to. Applications can only be submitted to one category. 

Information about the funding priorities and maximum grant for each category is available in the 2018 Annual Grant Guidelines


Applications for this grant round have now closed. Decisions will be announced in November 2017.

Preparing your application

Before starting your application please make sure to read the 2018 Annual Grant Guidelines.

Other documents you may find helpful when completing your application include:

2018 Annual Grants recipients 

Last year nearly $865,000 was invested into over 130 community programs across seven grant streams. A list of successful applicants in the 2018 Annual Grants round are listed here.

Got a question?

If you have a question about the Annual Grants, you can ask us online, or call us on 9205 5170 or 9205 5146.