Councillor code of conduct

A Councillor Code of Conduct required by section 139(1) of the Local Government Act 2020.

The Councillor Code of Conduct was approved in February 2021. 

As Councillors of the City of Yarra we commit to:

  1. working together and being accountable to achieving the aspirations and best interests of 
    our community;
  2. effective good governance and to ensuring the diversity of community views and opinions 
    are properly balanced in the decision making process;
  3. working constructively with our community and to take a strategic forward thinking approach 
    to their long term aspirations, having always, a high regard for our environment, our heritage 
    and the liveability of our city, whilst fostering employment opportunity; and
  4. discharging our responsibilities to the best of our skill and judgement.

You can download and read the Councillor Code of Conduct (PDF).