Public interests disclosures

We are a public body subject to the Public Interests Disclosures Act 2012.

The Act aims to:

  • encourage and assist people to report improper conduct and detrimental action taken in reprisal for a public interest disclosure.
  • provide certain protections for people who make a disclosure or those who may suffer detrimental action in reprisal for a disclosure.
  • ensure that certain information about a disclosure is kept confidential – the identity of the person making the disclosure and the content of that disclosure.

What is a public interest disclosure?

Public interest disclosures are reports about:

  • improper conduct of public bodies or public officers (such as corrupt conduct)
  • detrimental action that a public officer or public body has taken against a person in reprisal for them (or another person) having made a public interest disclosure or cooperated with the investigation of a public interest disclosure.

How do I make a public interest disclosure?

Disclosures under the public interest disclosure scheme can only be made in accordance with the process set out in the Public Interest Disclosures Procedure. To ensure you are subject to the protections available to you under the legislation, you should read that policy before making a disclosure.

Disclosures about the City of Yarra

Disclosures made about the City of Yarra can be made to any of the following:

Disclosures about Councillors

Disclosures made about Councillors can be made to any of the following:

Disclosures about Councillors cannot be made to the Council.

Disclosures about Council employees

Disclosures about Council employees can be made to any of the following:

Public Interests Disclosure Coordinator

Council's Public Interests Disclosure Coordinator is:

Phil De Losa
Manager Governance and Integrity
Tel 9205 5302
Email [email protected]