Yarra Multicultural Advisory Group

The Multicultural Advisory Group provides a structure for on-going communication and consultation between multicultural communities and Yarra City Council across a broad range of issues impacting on those communities.

What does the committee do?

The Multicultural Advisory Group:

  • provides feedback on the implementation of the Multicultural Partnerships Plan 2019-2023
  • provides feedback and advice to Council on its policies, plans and services that impact multicultural communities.
  • considers and provides advice on key Government initiatives, programs and reviews.
  • advocates on behalf of multicultural communities.
  • shares information and resources between community groups and their representatives.
  • assists Council to promote the benefits of cultural diversity within the Yarra municipality and beyond.
  • provides advice to Council with its communication, engagement and consultation with multicultural communities.. 

Who are the committee members? 

The following Councillor was appointed to the committee for a 12 month term in November 2021:

In addition to the appointed Councillor, the committee has an open membership and welcomes participation from:

  • any member of Yarra’s culturally religiously and linguistically diverse community
  • residents
  • community organisations, agencies and service providers who have a focus on provision of services to multicultural communities in Yarra
  • community groups in Yarra

Terms of reference

You can download and read the Multicultural Advisory Group terms of reference.

Previous minutes and agendas

4 March 2021 Agenda  Minutes

11 May 2021 Agenda  Minutes

12 August 2021 Agenda  Minutes

18 November 2021 Agenda  Minutes