Councillor Anab Mohamud



Anab Mohamud came to Australia as a Somalian refugee 20 years ago. She lives in the heart of Fitzroy at Atherton Gardens Estate where she is currently raising her young daughter.

Anab is the current Deputy Mayor of Yarra.

Anab is deeply embedded in the community and is involved with a number of local community organisations, including as Convenor of the Somali Women’s Group. In her role as Councillor and community leader, Anab wants to send a strong message to young women that they have every right to become whatever they dream to be.

She is passionate about moving the community forward together, and to give voice to those that need to be heard. Anab seeks to give hope to our multicultural communities to be engaged in the issues that affect them, and create a socially just, sustainable, and liveable Yarra.


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