Yarra Housing Strategy

Yarra’s population is growing. By 2031, an extra 29,000 people will move to Yarra and will live in an additional 13,400 homes.

As more people choose to call Yarra home, housing growth needs to be planned and managed in a way that maintains the city’s key characteristics, liveability and creates additional benefits, including:

  • increased supply of affordable housing;
  • greater choice and diversity of housing; and
  • well-designed internal and outdoor communal spaces in new development. 

We’ve developed a new Housing Strategy to plan ahead for population growth, which has been developed and refined through extensive community consultation.

At its meeting on 4 September 2018,  Council adopted the new Yarra Housing Strategy, which aims to make sure housing growth occurs in the right places to provide more certainty to our community about where change may occur.

The Yarra Housing Strategy includes four strategic directions that articulate Yarra’s preferred growth strategy, which responds to the unique context of Yarra, including:

  • Strategic direction 1: Monitor population growth, land capacity and evolving development trends in Yarra to plan for future housing growth and needs
  • Strategic direction 2: Direct housing growth to appropriate locations
  • Strategic direction 3: Plan for more housing choice to support Yarra’s diverse community
  • Strategic direction 4: Facilitate the provision of more affordable housing in Yarra


Next Steps

The adopted Yarra Housing Strategy will guide and inform decisions on how residential land in the municipality will evolve and develop into the future.

 It is anticipated that the adopted Yarra Housing Strategy will form part of an upcoming amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme, introducing a new local housing planning policy in the Planning Policy Framework to reflect the key strategies outlined in the Yarra Housing Strategy. The amendment would also include the Housing Strategy as a reference document in the scheme.