Emergency management

Councils play an important role in preparing for and recovering from emergencies. From reducing the level of risk that residents face to facilitating social connections and resilience, we work in collaboration with community groups, state emergency services, agencies, business and other councils to prepare and plan for emergencies.

What emergency risks are faced by the City of Yarra? 

What emergency risks do we face? We have identified nine emergency risks most likely to impact Yarra. These include heatwaves, epidemics or pandemics, storm/flash flooding, structural fires, protracted utility interruption, dangerous goods incidents, terrorism and major road accident.

Our Municipal Emergency Management Plan and subplans

Plans have been created which detail the arrangements for the prevention of, the response to, and the recovery from, emergency events that could occur within Yarra:

Your emergency preparation

An emergency can occur at anytime and can affect your life in ways you don’t expect. Planning and preparing for emergencies can reduce the impact of the event and reduce the time it takes to recover. You can plan and prepare for an emergency by creating a home emergency plan and creating a home emergency kit.

Volunteering in an emergency 

Information on how to volunteer before, during or after an emergency can be found on the Volunteering Vic website and the Volunteering Victoria website

More information 

Flood Emergency Plan - Victorian State Emergency Services

Who to contact in an emergency

Staying safe in extreme heat

What to do in an emergency situation