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LAPM 17 Richmond

The Local Area Place Making (LAPM) 17 Richmond precinct is located in the area bounded by Bridge Road, Church Street, Swan Street, and Punt Road.

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Local Area Place Making Plan (LAPM)

The LAPM plan shows a map of different traffic treatments which will be implemented throughout the area. Details of the LAPM plan and study can be viewed at the following document: 

LAPM 17 Traffic Management Plan 




An evaluation of the stage 1 traffic treatments were undertaken in 2014, 1 year after the stage 1 traffic management measures were implemented, in order to determine their effectiveness.

Since traffic treatments were implemented, vehicle speeds decreased on a number of local roads, including Lennox Street (between Bridge Road and Goodwood Street), Richmond Terrace (between Lennox Street and Carroll Street) and Stanley Street (between Swan Street and Gipps Street).

In Alfred Street, there was a 50% decrease in the number of vehicles illegally travelling northbound against the one-way.

In July 2014, the intersection of Docker Street and Richmond Terrace was closed to create a new park. This resulted in traffic travelling down other local streets, which increased traffic on a number of these streets.

Where traffic has increased, the volumes are still considered to be within an acceptable range for residential streets.

An evaluation of this specific area showed:

  • Traffic volumes in Waverley Street have increased. The average daily traffic volume in Waverley Street has increased from 127 vehicles per day to 353 vehicles per day.
  • That Clifton Street experienced a 90% increase in southbound traffic while Dando Street had a 25% increase.
  • Dando Street experienced a 3.9% increase of heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Peak hour traffic volumes increased by 4.3% in Clifton Street.
  • Overall, westbound traffic on Richmond Terrace reduced by 27%.
  • Eastbound daily traffic volumes on Richmond Terrace reduced by 7%.

The traffic treatments that were implemented did help to decrease traffic volume and speeds, however due to the intersection of Docker Street and Richmond Terrace being closed to create a new park these results were overshadowed by new traffic issues.

It is considered that the benefits of the LAPM study will be further enhanced through the completion of the Stage 2 works.

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