Filming permit requirements

When do I need a filming permit?

A filming permit is required if you wish to use Council land for the purpose of still photography, television, feature films, advertising and television commercials, documentaries and music videos.

Drones - In conjunction with all other documentation required as specified in the Filming Permit Application form, City of Yarra will only consider the assessment of a filming permit application that includes the proposed use of a drone where the application demonstrates that a clear 30 metre exclusion zone (from any people not associated with the filming) can be maintained at all times during the take off, landing and travel path of the drone.  Where this is not provided with your initial application drone use will not be considered.

How do I apply for a filming permit?

Filming permits must be submitted online

  1. Download the Application form.  Fill it out and upload when submitting your application. (You can only upload PDF, JPEG, JPG documents)
  2. Read application form carefully it includes a checklist of what we require to assess your application.
  3. Complete the Filming Notification Letter Template to upload with your application. 
  4. Read our permit user guide to help with submitting an online application, creating a new login and resetting your password.
  5. Click here to submit your application online.
  6. You will receive an application number immediately and it will be sent directly to the permits team for processing.                
  7. You will be notified once an assessment has been completed.     

To be considered low impact filming all the Criteria below must be applicable: 

  • All equipment associated with the filming will be handheld and no equipment will be placed on Council land.
  • No filming or occupation associated with the filming will occur on any Council asset except for a footpath or nature strip.
  • Pedestrians must not be obstructed, a minimum of 1.5 metres clearance must be maintained on the footpath at all times for pedestrians.
  • No reserved parking will be required.
  • All filming will occur between 7:00am - 10:00pm.
  • No use of drones. 

If the above is applicable you just need to provide:

  •  Complete application form and low impact filming checklist (Page 4 of application form)
  • Certificate of currency for minimum of $20 million public liability insurance
  • Site plan
  • Notification letter - Filming Notification Letter Template
  • Equipment list

How long will my permit take?

You will need to submit your application 10 business days prior to the proposed filming date where

  • A road closure is proposed
  • Filming is occurring in a council park, building, facility or oval
  • Reserved car parking is required

 You will need to submit your application 7 business days prior to the proposed filming date for filming on our footpaths only.

Filming permit applications cannot be fast tracked you must adhere to the above timeframes for your application to be considered.

How much will my permit cost?

Filming Permit Fees

 Assessment Fee:

  • Paid online at application submission 
  • Non-refundable
  • Deducted from General and Major Impact Filming Fee
 Low Impact Filming criteria met  $112.30
 General Impact Filming $458.65
Major Impact Filming $1372.80
School/University Student Filming no charge
Victorian Fundraising Registered, Non - profit organisation no charge

Inspection fees

  • Inspection fee – $162.30
  • Out of hours inspection fee – $504.90

Inspection/s are required when Traffic Management is implemented for the filming activity.

Parking fees

If you require parking in the area you will need to complete the parking request information on pages 5 and 6 of the filming permit application form.  This will be referred and assessed by our Parking Services Team. You will be charged a daily rate for each parking bay you require.

Commercial street

  • First day – $124.80
  • Subsequent day – $72.80

Non-commercial street

  • First day – $83.20
  • Subsequent day – $41.60

If you are filming on private land & only require parking, please contact our Parking Services Team on 03 9205 5555

Parks, sports grounds and council buildings 

If you require use of a Yarra facility, park, sports ground or other open space, your application will be referred and assessed by the appropriate department to ensure it meets our hiring conditions and the location is available. If approved a separate booking fee will apply for all filming applicants. Student or Not for profit applicants may be eligible for a reduced rate.  

Filming Approval Act 2014

In Victoria there is legislation to standardise the process for obtaining commercial filming permits on public land managed by local Councils and State Government agencies.

The Filming Approval Act 2014, provides a framework for the approval of filming permits. It outlines 8 film friendly principles and the guidelines for commercial filming on public land across the state.

Other resources available

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email [email protected].