Yarra putting pedestrian safety first in Abbotsford

Friday 08 December 2023

Cyclist approaching wombat crossing in Victoria Crescent Abbotsford

Yarra City Council is improving pedestrian safety with the delivery of a new wombat crossing in Victoria Crescent, Abbotsford. 

A wombat crossing is an elevated pedestrian crossing, which according to research can reduce pedestrian accidents by up to 63%. 

The new crossing ensures safer passage for pedestrians, reduced vehicle speeds, and heightened driver awareness.

Council has also widened traffic lanes by removing existing median islands and making essential lighting and drainage modifications.

It also provides a safe connection point for pedestrians and cyclists to access key popular pathways, on the Main Yarra Trail and the Capital City Trail.

It is unknown where the term “wombat crossing” is derived from, but it follows the theme of other animal-named pedestrian crossing systems and infrastructure.

Across Victoria there are other types of crossings which are also named after animals, including pelican, puffin, toucan and zebra crossings.

Yarra City Council has delivered this project with the support of $100,000 grant from the Victorian Government.


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