Help us improve our statutory and strategic planning services

Friday 10 November 2023

Yarra City Council has a strong commitment to continuously plan, review and improve our services.

This is vital to ensuring that:

  • community expectations and standards are met in a cost-effective manner
  • service outcomes are aligned to Council’s long-term strategic objectives
  • relevant legislative and policy requirements are met.

As part of this process, we are undertaking a review of our Statutory and Strategic Planning service areas.

This review will develop a roadmap for ongoing improvements to ensure that Yarra planning services are sector leading, inclusive and accessible to everyone in the community.

Have your say

We are seeking feedback from community members who have been involved in Yarra City Council planning processes over the past two years and may have had interactions with our Statutory and Strategic Planning teams.

Share your experiences, comments and suggestions on a range of aspects relating to our planning processes to help us to continue improving our statutory and strategic planning services.

Please complete the survey before 9am Monday 4 December.

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