Yarra's iconic Fitzroy Pool at capacity on hot days

Friday 10 November 2023

Fitzroy Swimming Pool

Yarra City Council’s iconic Fitzroy Pool is a favourite summer playground for all Melbournians.

On hot days, due to its popularity, there is sometimes a queue to get into the pool. When the pool reaches capacity there is a one person in and one person out policy applied. This is a capacity issue, not a staffing issue.

Fitzroy Pool has a venue capacity limit of 480. Capacity limits are determined by the Victorian Government and Life Saving Victoria and are in place to maintain the health and safety of all visitors to the pool.

Lifesaving Victoria and the Victorian Government set the ratios for lifeguards per people – the guidelines are 1 lifeguard per 80 people.

All 3 of our centres were recently awarded ‘Platinum Pool’ status by Life Saving Victoria (LSV).

LSV's Platinum Pool Program highlights aquatic facilities that have achieved the highest standard in aquatic safety and risk management, with accreditation recognised as a sign of excellence.

On hot days, other Council-run facilities across Melbourne also often reach capacity and have queues to get in.


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