Community Awards 2023 Contribution to Sustainability - Shane Delphine and Meredith Kefford

Thursday 09 November 2023

Yarra Community Awards 2023 Contribution to Sustainability

Shane Delphine and Meredith Kefford are making strides in Yarra’s climate action journey through their enthusiastic leadership with Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN).

Shane and Meredith are co-convenors of YCAN – a volunteer community group that has been advocating for urgent action to tackle the climate emergency since 2007. 

Working closely with Yarra Council, other local climate groups, residents and businesses, YCAN have played an important role in Yarra’s increasingly leading role in developing effective climate policies and programs. 

Under Shane and Meredith’s guidance, the group has been involved in Yarra’s declaration of a climate emergency, promoting the importance of a gas-free Yarra and supporting the extension of safer cycling and pedestrian routes through the municipality. 

YCAN has also run a series of free webinars for the local community on a range of topics from urban forestry in Yarra to trends in electric vehicles. Shane is actively involved in organising and chairing these webinars and distributing detailed summaries of the content.  

Shane and Meredith spend many voluntary hours in meetings, writing submissions, researching current information and advocating for Yarra and the wider community to be as sustainable as possible. They promote policies to mitigate some of the disastrous effects of climate change, inform and educate the public and empower the community to take climate action.  

Congratulations Shane and Meredith! Thank you for your tireless efforts in advocating for urgent action on climate change. 

The nominees for Contribution to Sustainability

Justice Collective 
Amelia Trompf 
Claire Mathieson 
Earth at Academy 
Maurice Gunner 
Jane Miller 
Shane Delphine and Meredith Kefford 
Railway Neighbourhood House Garden Guardians     

Thanks to all our nominees for your contributions to life in Yarra. 

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