Community Awards 2023 Contribution to Arts - Deborah Hart

Wednesday 08 November 2023

Yarra Community Awards 2023 Contribution to Arts

Deborah Hart is one of the Founders and the Chairperson of CLIMARTE - the world’s first gallery dedicated to addressing the climate emergency in all its manifestations. 

Since opening in November 2021, the CLIMARTE gallery has hosted a number of exhibitions, talks and events addressing climate change. The gallery is free to visit and provides people in Yarra with an opportunity to engage with the climate emergency, meet artists and scientists and learn about climate issues from a diverse range of perspectives. Exhibitions have covered Deaf and Disabled perspectives on climate change, the environmental impact of the fashion industry, how food impacts our health and the health of our ecosystems and much more.   

CLIMARTE doesn’t just provide the community with opportunities to learn about the climate emergency, but also gives local artists a platform to showcase, promote and sell their works.   

Deborah works voluntarily every day to keep CLIMARTE running, motivated by her passion for environmental justice and her belief in artists’ ability to communicate the issues around climate change in innovative and creative ways.   

Thank you Deborah for your tireless efforts and the opportunities you’ve created for everyone in Yarra to engage with climate change. 

The nominees for Contribution to Arts 

Isra Mohamed 
Deborah Hart – CLIMARTE 
Con Kalamaras 
Izzy Brown 
Aleisha Schuster 
Yarra Sculpture Gallery  

Thanks to all our nominees for your contributions to life in Yarra. 

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