Positive outcomes on community training for climate action

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Community members listening at a climate action event

One year on since the completion of the Community Skills for Climate Action program, participants have held 28 events, engaged with 1,853 people and volunteered 1,444 hours on local climate action.

The program held across the cities of Yarra, Darebin and Merri-bek from May to September 2021, gave 75 residents new skills, knowledge and the opportunity to work together on climate action projects.

A year on an evaluation was undertaken to understand the impacts of the program. It found a 31-1 leverage on the initial investment by Council on the program.

Other highlights:

  • 79% of participants made useful new relationships and collaborative partnerships
  • 68% are now engaged in additional climate related groups or activities
  • 92% perceive the skills, knowledge or networks from the program have assisted in this.

Participants considered the program to be a positive influence on their behaviour and ability to take action.

“Taking chances on new connections has paid off. I’ve directly worked with and amplified the voices of people who have incredible knowledge and offerings to the climate action movement.”

It increased personal agency and capacity to deliver climate action. In particular, it raised awareness and holistic thinking around how to be inclusive of diverse voices and to work with people where they were at.

By coming together in this way, people who had been involved over the long term and people who were newly engaged were able to see the scale of the connections in the group. This brought a hopefulness about the possibilities that could occur.

“I didn’t know many people. I’ve been here for 6 years and this group really broadened my climate action, I now see lots of really local things happening.”


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