Providing community with new ways to recycle

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Stack of crushed aluminum cubes

The City of Yarra is working with the Victorian Government to provide our residents with opportunities and incentives to recycle more materials as we transition to a circular economy. A circular economy will help reduce waste and climate pollution, while ensuring fewer useful materials go to waste.

The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is a Victorian Government initiative that rewards Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible drinking container they recycle at designated refund points.

The introduction of the scheme will benefit the Yarra community by:

  • reducing litter in streets and waterways
  • providing charities, community groups, environmental organisations, sports groups, and educational organisations with a potential fundraising stream
  • increasing recycling participation

One of the ways that residents can participate in the CDS is recycling eligible drinking containers through self-service drop-off points called ‘reverse vending machines’.

Council has identified 4 locations around the municipality for these reverse vending machines. These locations include: 

  • Fairfield Park oval, Yarra Bend Road
  • Collingwood Leisure Centre, Turnbull Street
  • Kevin Bartlett Reserve, FR Smith Drive
  • Burnley Depot, Burnley Street

These locations have been selected based on a number of criteria including sufficient space available (approximately 5 car spaces), community access, truck access for easy servicing, access to power, among others. Recycling processing company, Visy, will determine and manage the hardware required to run reverse vending machines in Yarra.

Community is invited to comment on the 4 proposed locations for the reverse vending machines before 9am Monday 25 September.

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