Unison Housing partners with Yarra to offer rent relief to the community

Friday 18 August 2023

Yarra City Council has chosen Unison Housing Ltd to deliver the City of Yarra’s $100,000 of emergency rent relief to the local community. 

The grant will provide financial assistance to renters in Yarra by supporting them to maintain their tenancies, as well as providing support to those at-risk of or currently experiencing homelessness as a result of the current cost of living and rental crisis.

Affordable housing provider, Unison Housing, will work directly with the community to support those facing financial difficulties that prevent them from accessing stable housing in Yarra. 

The initiative, which came from Council’s Budget commitment to invest in more housing and homelessness support, offers financial aid to people at-risk of homelessness and people currently experiencing homelessness by supporting them to access long-term social housing tenures and settle into their new homes. Existing renters also experiencing financial hardship will receive support to help maintain their tenancies.

Acting Mayor Cr Edward Crossland said Yarra City Council is proud to be partnering with Unison Housing to be able to deliver this important and much-needed fund.

“Unison Housing’s well-established local partnerships and networks, as well as their broad reach will support us to deliver this vital relief to our community,” he said.

“Following on from Homelessness Week earlier this month, we’re very pleased to be able to deliver this support to our most vulnerable residents. The provision of affordable and stable housing is a significant issue for many in our community and is one that needs to be addressed as a priority by State and Federal Governments,” the Acting Mayor said.


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