Welcome to our new Councillor for Langridge Ward, Michael Glynatsis

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Yarra City Council congratulates and welcomes its new Councillor, Michael Glynatsis.

Cr Glynatsis was elected via a vote countback undertaken by the Victorian Electoral Commission following the departure of former Councillor Gabrielle de Vietri, who was recently elected to the Victorian Parliament in the seat of Richmond.

He was sworn into his role as Councillor representing the Langridge Ward on Wednesday 25 January.

Cr Glynatsis has been operating businesses in Yarra for more than 40 years and is committed to supporting Yarra’s thriving local businesses, preserving the city’s unique cultural heritage, and protecting Yarra’s open spaces.

“I’m passionate about making sure our local businesses get back on their feet after the pandemic, and I want to make sure we preserve Yarra’s historic buildings and open spaces, which are essential to maintaining our community’s health and wellbeing.

“It’s an honour to be elected Councillor of Langridge Ward and I can’t wait to meet with the people of Yarra to find out more about the issues that matter to them,” he said.

Yarra Mayor Cr Claudia Nguyen said Cr Glynatsis will be a welcome addition to Council.

“Cr Glynatsis will bring an important perspective to Council having lived and worked in Yarra for many years and having experienced first-hand the impact the pandemic had on local businesses.

“I congratulate Cr Glynatsis on this significant achievement, and I look forward to working closely with him to achieve better outcomes for our community,” she said.


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