Construction scheduled to start on new seating space on Kerr Street

Friday 07 October 2022

The final design for the new seating space on the corner of Kerr and Brunswick Streets

We’re building a new seating space on the corner of Kerr and Brunswick streets after hearing feedback from over 100 residents, business and community members in August and September 2021.

Construction is set to begin in January 2023 and it’s expected to take approximately eight weeks.

How did we decide on the design?

We spoke to you about making improvements to street corners in Fitzroy during the consultation for the Brunswick Street Masterplan.

Two rounds of community consultation were undertaken in 2019 and 2020. Between digital submissions and pop-ups around Brunswick Street, we received over 500 pieces of feedback. Over 70% of people who participated indicated support for public space improvements at the Kerr Street corner.

According to the feedback, you want to see the following on Brunswick Street's street corners:

  • additional public seating
  • creative structures that can be used for different purposes like sitting, eating outdoors or catching up with friends
  • increased greenery and garden-style spaces
  • diverse public art
  • feature lighting
  • interesting textural and paved spaces.

In August and September 2021, we asked our community for feedback on a draft concept design for a new public seating space at the corner of Brunswick and Kerr streets.

After incorporating your feedback into the new design, we'll be proceeding with construction in January 2023.This project will be the first initiative from the Brunswick Street Masterplan to be delivered.

What did we change?

We’ve listened to your feedback and made the following changes to the design:

  • We’ve adapted the design to further support the existing tree.
  • We’ve incorporated more colour into the design to reflect the vibrancy of the area.
  • We’re altering the way we lay the bricks to create an integrated skate deterrent and protect the seating.
  • We’ve revised the design to be more accessible for all users.
  • We’ll apply an anti-graffiti coating when the new seating is installed to minimise the impacts of graffiti and vandalism.
  • We’ll continue regular collections of the public bin at the corner of Kerr Street and Brunswick streets and monitor for an increase in street rubbish.

For more information about the project or to download the engagement plan visit 


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