Yarra calls on mountain bikers to help preserve Yarra's biodiversity

Thursday 03 March 2022

Yarra is urging all mountain bike riders to help preserve our natural bushland and biodiversity by keeping to our formal trails and refraining from building bike jumps.

Riding bikes ‘off-road’ and building bike jumps in natural bushland disturbs the soil, damaging local plant species and biodiversity.

Local plant species are already struggling to regenerate due to rising temperatures and the loss of pollinator species like bees and wasps.

To address these issues, Yarra has engaged volunteers in community planting programs, to ensure we conserve our bushland for future generations. 
You can help us out by:

  • Sticking to our formal bike trails
  • Riding your bike at a walking pace 
  • Avoid building bike jumps

Using rider-built, unregulated bike jumps is also against Yarra’s Local Law and may result in serious injury.

Yarra’s rich biodiversity is part of what makes Yarra unique.

We are lucky to have access to a variety of natural spaces with diverse local plant species, walking trails and thriving bushlands. 

Find out more on biodiversity in Yarra.


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